What makes a brand stand out

What makes a brand stand out on Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linked In, TikTok and other social media? These media are increasingly used by companies as a promotional platform. Branding through these channels is high on the agenda within companies. Advertising through these media has also become common in recent years. In this blog GreenLine wants to share which factors are of great importance when developing content. This list is compiled from expert opinions online.

The main factors are:

1. Creative 2. Impact-full 3. Purpose driven 4. Entertaining 5. Memorable 6. Engaging 7. Unique


Creativity is something endless. Words, figures, icons, styles, fonts, animations, color combinations, sounds take all forms. The moving image has proven to be the most catching. The top creative agencies know how to convert your brand into communication that immediately appeals. Go for the WOW effect! Your Audience immediately checks if there are more great posts to find because they want to see more. The Follow, Subscribe and Like buttons are important options!


The costs for attention on the web are increasing now that everyone wants to be in the spotlight. The number of channels that limit the time on certain social media is also increasing. Great campaigns are timeless and are relevant. They also need to be multi-channel deployable and have as broad a demographic as possible. Marketers always have to start with a blank canvas and come up with great ideas. Your content must resonate with your target audience. A tone of voice that is recognizable is of key importance. This should appeal to your type of target group. It can be loud and crazy but also intelligent and composed. What you don’t want is vague, meaningless and dull.

Purpose driven

What do you believe in as a group, what do you stand for, what do you find important in your organization, what higher goals do you uphold? These are questions that are important for organizations if they want to have a deeper connection with their target group. Research has shown that a connection with values that are upheld are of great importance for strong relationships. Marketers should therefore investigate the profile of their potential consumers.

What are their characteristics? What do they have in common? And what is your deeper purpose, your deeper cause of existence, is something that must also be communicated clearly. So focusing on content around a higher purpose in which people are involved with gives a deeper sense of connection. The message is “we’re not only here to sell you something, we participate in creating a better world”.


There is a difference between informative content and entertaining content. The best case is if your message does both! What comes to mind when you think of entertainment? An exciting film, a stand-up comedian? A circus show? a talent show? People love to laugh and be included in your story. The fate of others appeals to them. A strong storyline is important here. The ups and downs in someone else’s life. The struggle and the redemption. The tension and the denouement. As a marketer you have to entertain your audience. Give them a smile, make them dance or surprise them. Entertaining content will be shared more often! So in your next video commercial be sure to strike an emotion!


Don’t concentrate on what you want to show, but concentrate on what consumers want to see! The consumer should feel compelled to act on your post or video. But what does your target audience want to see? That’s the important question here. Fortunately, there are now measuring tools to indicate this. What people respond to .. that’s what you’re looking for. What keeps them busy, what do they want to know more about, what do they need? Simply being seen doesn’t work, it’s about their wholehearted attention and support online. Sharing is important online, not selling. Texts alone do not work, they must be accompanied by images that stand out. But what matters in the end is to generate interaction with your target group. It’s about sharing, commenting, navigating to your website and getting in touch. Your uploads should stimulate action and interaction. Start asking questions .. that’s inviting!


In principle, if you take the above into account, your post or video will also be memorable. However, there are still some additions that can lead to your content being retained longer. First, make sure your content is easy to process. By keeping the content on one topic at a time and having this theme come back in a slightly different form, you get that people are more likely to remember your message. Rehearsal is an art. Saying the same thing in a slightly different form that is appealing and simple works. So consistency in message and form is important. What is also important here is that the message moves people on an emotional level. Because if a message touches people, they are more likely to remember it.


This is a nut breaker. How can you make unique posts or videos in this day and age? Find out what makes you, your product and your business unique, then go from there. Design a unique style that’s compelling and emphasizes your uniqueness. Important is to expresses exactly what you are about, but just as important is to do it in a stylish fashion. Remember uniqueness can be expressed in many forms! By an eye-catching frame or icon. Or through a separate style of photo editing. Even a slogan can be unique. A good start for marketers is to make a list of all your unique traits and work from there. And no in this context the word unique doesn’t stand for unique selling points. It’s more than that. It’s about how you are going to shine your light between all the gray mass out there.


The science and analytics around social media is advancing and can help businesses tap into new markets. By now almost all major businesses have great social media pages. To know how to think out and create content for these media is something essential for the modern business manager.

About the author
Derek Durgaram is an entrepreneur with a background in business consultancy. He is the brains behind Green Media, a media production company based in Curacao. GreenLine Communication is a spin off of his company, a service that offers insights and project management within the digital media domain.

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