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Millennials and Marketing

Millennials and Generational Marketing Today I decided to write an article about generations and marketing approaches because this concept is, in my opinion, commonly overlooked when marketing strategies are formed.

Design Trends 2020

Design Trends 2020 When you take a look around you'll see that certain styles pop up everywhere. They are considered as modern and trendy. The most popular ones in 2020

Augmented Reality (AR) The Next Wave

Augmented Reality (AR) The Next Wave. Is AR (Augmented Reality) the next big shift in computing technology? If you would listen to a lot of trendwatchers out there it would

Youtube advertising “Dos and Don’ts”

Youtube advertising “Dos and Don’ts” I wrote this article to help local businesses in Curaçao better understand advertising on YouTube.Especially when it comes to the in-stream video option on YouTube.

The Learning Organization

New light on The Learning Organization It has been some years since I really dived deep into this topic. To see an organization as a living organism, adapting to its

Corporate Identity insights

Identity based views of the corporation John M.T. Balmer of Brunel University in Londen reflects on corporate identity, in his article titled “Identity based views of the corporation”, as a

Conceptualization is a process

Conception and delivery! Due to a lack of time or ignorance, many companies continue to advertise ad hoc. There is no deeper message to be derived from the statements. This

Design Trends 2019

What's hot in 2019? What are the top design trends you wonder? Design makes our world more interesting and trends keep us hooked on what's next and trending. Some trends