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Derek Durgaram
Initiator / Project Manager

Brand Strategy
E-strategy Development
Content Creation
Website Design

Personal traits:
Communicative and social
Taking initiative

Recent Projects

Curalink Directory

Website development for online guide / business directory for the Island Curacao. This comprehensive website obtains information about all aspects from business news to tips for visitors. The main goal is to build a network linking to businesses and news stories. Visit >

Kooyman Online Catalog

From selling from within physical stores to selling online, a bridge had to be build. Management of this big building materials enterprise wanted to restyle the existing online catalog to make it more user friendly. The main new feature to be created was a shopping lists aimed at contractors. This was the basis for their full webshop.

Janssen de Jong Websites

Creation, technical management and site support for all Janssen de Jong subsidiaries. This project was started in 2014 and is still ongoing. Management has planned that all websites will undergo major transformations as separate projects. Updating programs and content is a crucial factor when it comes to online marketing as content becomes outdated. Visit website >

Personal Introduction

After achieving a university degree in HRM, specializing in change management, I worked in a startup company focussed on training and development of management personnel. Project Management and Marketing communication were part of my job there. My passion for designing and creating animations became a more serious occupation after I worked as an interface designer at an e-learning company in The Netherlands, named Nestor. They became a leading entity in the industry and we introduced groundbreaking educational CD-roms and websites.

Visual Communication Skills

Back in 2002 I started a digital marketing agency in Curacao called Green Media. Through out the years I worked in small and big teams; creating campaigns, videos and websites. A lot has changed since the early days of the internet. Branding emerged as the most important term in marketing and Social Media developed into an important communication channel. What is to come? Will augmented reality eventually become a major part of all marketing communication efforts? How will AI advancement influence workflow in Marketing?

Strategy is key

My journey in the media domain has thought me that the importance of a coherent marketing strategy behind productions and publications is of key importance for all commercial entities. With Greenline I concentrate on helping organizations develop and execute effective E-strategies. My broad experience and insights in the media world can support entrepreneurs and management in the increasingly complex field of corporate communication. As a project manager, trainer or consultant I can reinforce your team. Connect with me if you want to exchange ideas. Contact >

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