Youtube advertising
“Dos and Don’ts”

I wrote this article to help local businesses in Curaçao better understand advertising on YouTube.
Especially when it comes to the in-stream video option on YouTube. There are two types of streaming video types: Skippable or Non-Skippable.

In marketing it is very important not to annoy the public (potential customers) by pushing uninteresting videos on them. Although repetition for brand-recognition is used in marketing as a tool, there is also repetition that can be considered as too much, even “annoying”. Especially when you keep pushing the same video for months on end. You’re not doing your brand any good this way! You are most likely even leaving behind a negative impression of your business or service. Yes, you will have your company information out there, but your brand will be considered as pushy, uncreative, cheap and not-intelligent. You need to make the right impression in each and every contact to build a strong brand.

Even the best crafted video-ad becomes annoying after seeing it pop up more then 10 times. So be sure to change your content every 2 weeks and make the video short and skippable. Also keep track of the metrics behind your video. If your aimed audience collectively skips your ad within the first 3 seconds, it’s better to analyze why this is the case first and adjust your strategy. All the data is there for you to analyze in great detail.

My advise it that when you plan a video campaign, take these insights seriously. In a lot of cases it would be a better practice to concentrate on storytelling using smart & short videos about your business instead of long traditional tv-like ads. We have moved away from big-budget-commercials, which we were used to seeing on television. Times have changed and that same strategy doesn’t work for online media. To concentrate on short interesting videos that directly lead to more clicks to your channel, website or facebook-page is a better strategy. You then use the curiosity of the viewer to instantly click on the link before the presented opportunity is lost. Especially when they are rewarded with a free-bee. Instagram and Facebook advertisers use this method with great succes. For more information about youtube advertising visit the Youtube info ads page.

Ad Block Options

For those who think a certain ad is annoying, there is an option to deactivate an ad and stop it from showing on your screen. For YouTube you can use the info-option displayed in the left-bottom corner, click to see the option to deactivate (see example). Then youtube won’t show you the same ad for 30 days. Check out the google-ads personalization options.

You can set those to “off” or to “
Include non-Google activity”. Adblockers are also a helpful alternative if you want to enjoy an ad free online experience. Check out adblockplus and adguard.

If you want more insights on how to use video-advertising in your business, I’ll be happy to share my knowledge with you. Contact page >

About the author
Derek Durgaram is an entrepreneur with a background in business consultancy. He is the brains behind Green Media, a media production company based in Curacao. GreenLine Communication is a spin off of his company, a service that offers insights and project management within the digital media domain.

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