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The world within the digital front is changing rapidly. The modern mobile phone combined with the growing popularity of Social Media channels ensure further adjustment of the marketing strategies of companies. Whoever knows how to respond to new developments the fastest is ahead of the rest. This article will discuss what that means for your future logo design changes.

Why a more flexible logo?

A logo appears differently on the screen than in print. In the past, it had to be taken into account whether a logo was easy to print on different materials, such as flags and cars. For a long time, two colors were actually chosen as a standard for brand recognition, but also for cost savings in terms of printing colors. Simplified shapes were suggested by the designers responsible for style guides. A black and white version and version for a dark background were usually part of this. 

Today, there is a tendency to simplify logos in form so it is presented more clearly on all kinds of backgrounds and stand out from the overload of propaganda. In the context of brand consistency organizations want their logo to come across well in digital media communications. Media such as websites automatically adjust to the size of your screen. It is a challenge for designers to create the same experience on different screens. To make this process easier and to keep the degree of impact of an advertisement or message strong, companies often adjust their logo.


Which adaptations work?

The main problem is that smaller screens often make logos difficult to recognize. For example having letters that are too small in the tagline. In addition, you want to be recognizable at a glance when someone scrolls past. After all, the competition is high for attention. Another factor is that a logo has to fit different frames, from small square spaces to circles and rectangles. While researching new trends in the design world I came across the video that is included on this page. In the video, the producer has crucial tips for customizing or developing a logo. In a nutshell, this means designing a simple and distinctive logo that is accompanied by different ways of presentation in terms of branding and slogans.

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About the author
Derek Durgaram is an entrepreneur with a background in business consultancy. He is the brains behind Green Media, a media production company based in Curacao. GreenLine Communication is a spin off of his company, a service that offers insights and project management within the digital media domain.

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