What's hot in 2019?

What are the top design trends you wonder? Design makes our world more interesting and trends keep us hooked on what’s next and trending. Some trends fall back on previous trends, but with a twist. Others push boundaries and go over the edge of what is accepted and common. Here is an overview of 8 hot design trends in 2019!

3D in Graphic Design

Fonts and objects are presented as 3D sculptures floating in the air. In this way illustrations and layouts are given depth. These objects are then often combined with flat surfaces, making them pop from the screen even more. A great designer can create this look without any 3D objects or 3D prints, with skills and vision they can recreate it in Photoshop as if it’s real!

The Open Composition

Fixed square frames are abandoned or different frames overlap. In this way, tight structures are released in order to create a more modern, artistic environment. The result of this is that the surface invites you to take on more.

Tropical Leaves

Tropical leaves and trees pop up everywhere as decorations or backgrounds. The palm tree and other tropical leaves and elements are central here. It gives portrays an inviting and lively warm feeling. What is behind this trend is the nostalgia of tropical life, a holiday feeling and the #ilivewhereyouvacation kind of vibe.

Vivid Colors

With a wink back to the ’80s, striking colors with a neon character are used. The colors that are experienced as modern are of specific choice .. trendy. They are not primary colors, but separate ones in shades such as aqua, mint, purple, pink, beige and oker yellow. Often used together within a frame.


Everything must float in 2019 as if gravity was disabled. This is achieved through the use of 3D within the surface. Shadows also help to enhance this effect. The result is an out-of-this-world experience that astronauts experience.

The Liquid Effect

Free-floating colored fluid is in motion in 2019. Often also used in animations where fluid is set in motion. This has a modern sci fi effect and feels as if the background is moving. In modern websites with special effects you can actually make it move, a great is example of this is our Green Media website. Within this trend bright colors and gradings play a key role.

Super Fat Fonts

Thick font types are in. Often used within 3d animations or as a background within a design. A modern font in line with the specific design is chosen. The 3D effect is enhanced with the correct incidence of shadows. Typography is really trending now!

Isometric Design

Illustrators in particular use this effect to achieve that modern look. By using 2 dimensional elements and replicating them 3d renderings can be created. It is trending to use illustrations instead of photos nowadays, because with illustrations you can create almost any visual you want, without the need to have a 3D printer or be on a certain location or to have a decor or models. Sometimes it’s cheaper to hire an illustrator with great skills. Isometric design effects can be amazing.

About the author
Derek Durgaram is an entrepreneur with a background in business consultancy. He is the brains behind Green Media, a media production company based in Curacao. GreenLine Communication is a spin off of his company, a service that offers insights and project management within the digital media domain.

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